Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GU Movement Progress Report, 3 Sept 2008

After the Labor Day weekend, it is time to sit back and consider where we are, and where the movement is going.

Pacificon went great!

• Passed out the very first organizational flyers for Global Understanding movement! (More about that later.)

• Made a lot of contacts and caught up with many old friends again.

• One solid Volunteer recruited! The person wishes to keep their contribution private.

• A family recruited as Razumijen playtesters.

• Had good discussions with "old guard" wargame designers, like Dana Lombardy and John Hill; they did not shoot the idea out of the water entirely, which means it has some possible merit! Both are appropriately cautious. Funding, John points out, is going to be the key issue. Dana believes that "Global Understanding" (GU) should be "Global Learning & Understanding" (GLU).

Survey question of the day:

Which do you prefer?

• Global Understanding (GU)
• Global Learning & Understanding (GLU)

Vote with your comments!


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