Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heading towards the Vigil Soon

I am about to go to the vigil at the corner of Castro Street & El Camino Real. Franklin Pham and I are going to do the Armistice Day candlelight vigil.

I called the Mountain View Police, and confirmed with them there is no need for a public permit, just so long as we stay out of the roadway.

Besides the two of us, I am praying we may also attract some other passersby. Who else might be at the street corner of El Camino Real and Castro Street from 2 to 4 AM on a Tuesday morning?

Yet even if it is us two, that is enough.

Tonight I mentioned the event to the assembled Carnegie Mellon University Alumni gathering in Palo Alto. Ironically I left the give-away posters for the event at home. Yet I did make the announcement. I spoke to a few people afterwards about it, yet the conversation drifted to the Institute and to educational issues and apart from Armistice Day itself.

Well, it is 10 to 2 AM. Time to get going to Castro Street. I'll be back later this morning. Then a bit of preparation before the morning.

Sleep well, Mountain View, California, America and our world! Hopefully we’ll encounter a few of you over the next day, and more of you in the future. Here’s to peace in our time.

-Pete Corless.

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