Thursday, April 16, 2009

A view from Southeast Asia - Focus on Thailand

Thanks Peter for the timely update. As we can see, Thailand's troubles are far from over.

If the reports are true that Thaksin operatives, have during the past two years clandestinely funnelled small arms through Cambodia to his supporters, this does not bode well for the Land of Smiles.

If Twitter reports are true that Sondhi Limthongku, the founder of the PAD, was shot by a machine gun that sprayed over 100 bullets, this is a very dangerous turn of events. If the machine gun was in the hands of a Thaksin supporter, this is a serious escalation.

One person, whose view of Thailand I respect greatly, is my editor at Asia Times Online. Shawn Crispin has written a great article titles "Smoke, Mirrors and Lies' which can be viewed at

I have made contact with a couple of people in Thailand but they are a little pre-occupied at present and hope to interact next week. Stay tuned.

If ever there was a time for a little understanding, in Thailand, now is the time. Let cool and sensible heads prevail.

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