Thursday, October 30, 2008

Problems with Global Understanding Audio Files

Dear Interested & Concerned Citizens of the World,

You have my personal sincere apologies for the problems experienced while trying to listen to the Roz Savage and Dest (Grant Pollock) interviews. Apparently, after the files are successfully uploaded, after a few days the files are deleted from the site. They have been uploaded a few times, and after each upload they have been tested to work.

However, within a certain indeterminate period (a day? a few days? a week?) the files disappear, as does the /audio directory where they were placed. Because of this, the link has been broken.

Further, due to a technical problem in the URL from the Dest In Nation web page to the audio file, it was a non-functioning link. This resulted in the following issues:

Roz Savage Rows (Posted: 18 Sep)
September 2008
• .html Program Web Page 28
• .mp3 Successful Plays: 9
• .mp3 Broken Links (404): 12
October 2008
• .html Program Web Page 167
• .mp3 Successful Plays: 127
• .mp3 Broken Links (404): 37

Dest In Nation (Posted: 21 Sep)
September 2008
• .html Program Web Page 22
• .mp3 Successful Plays: 18
• .mp3 Broken Links (404): -
October 2008
• .html Program Web Page 24
• .mp3 Successful Plays: 2
• .mp3 Broken Links (404): 1

At this time, the .mp3 files have been re-uploaded and should now work. File permissions have also been set so that nothing should blow the files away in the future. Please contact me ASAP if you find a broken link. Thank you!

-Peter Corless.
650-906-3134 (mobile)

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