Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Rehearsal

The American Dream is an ongoing thematic development in the film career of Franklin Pham. I met Franklin in Mountain View, California, on Castro Street in this summer, during the early phase of development of the Global Understanding Institute.

As he develops The American Dream, his longer-run-time film vision, he meanwhile is quite busy. For a short-term contest deadline, he rapidly wrote, compiled, edited and wholly created The Rehearsal as a way for us to understand the post-9/11 in a whole new light.
I invite you to watch it, and comment on how the video made you think and feel differently, or, if it reinforces your beliefs, how it echoes with your understanding. Negative feedback is valid too. If something jarred with your thoughts and expectations, what was dissonant to you?

Best wishes, Franklin! And my thanks to all who helped make this short film possible. For making movies is Franklin’s dream come true.

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