Saturday, January 3, 2009

DipNote: The U.S. State Department's Official Blog

“Question of the Week: What Means Are Available To Resume a Path Toward Israeli-Palestinian Peace?”
In response, I sent this to the U.S. State Department:

These are the requirements for any peaceful settlement:

1. Recognition of each others' state's and government's right to exist.

2. A determination of whether Gaza will be independent of, or part of, the Palestinian Authority. To be determined by a referendum within Gaza and Palestine, to be certified by independent international monitors.

3. A recognition of prior agreements and concords, such as the Wye River Memorandum, Camp David 2000 Summit, Beirut Summit, etc.

4. A significant return to negotiations regarding the 2003 "Road Map" for peace.

5. Financial Stimulus for both parties for peace. Tie international aid and investment to peace and accord. While permitting certain forms of humanitarian and basic economic support (food, fuel, etc.), have the US, EU, and other top 20 economies tie more advanced forms of finance and economic development to Israel and Palestine based upon specific curtailments of violence by their own societies. If there was profit to be found in peace, more people would choose it. Terrorists, militants and pro-conflict zealots would then lose popular support by alienating the rest of the world and making their own people suffer. Moderates would then be incented to calm radicals and extremists in their populations. Put some billions into peace, and see who responds. Pay only a little up-front as incentives and as "seed capital" for programs. Then ramp up payments and investment as people prove they can indeed manage their own societies.

6. Work towards border openings and diplomatic relations for Gaza based on management of violence and corruption.

7. Try to elevate the Geneva Accord back to the table, and find out what specific objections there are towards it in both Palestinian and Israeli circles. Find the specific objections, and see what can be done to produce a gap-analysis compromise settlement. Phase in compliance to a permanent settlement over time based on conformance of both parties.

8. If need be, consider authorizing an international peacekeeping force of up to 10,000 to go between Israel and Gaza, and to patrol Gaza. Have it comprised of members of Islamic states to prevent issues of non-Islamic military being present. Give them the right to police the Gaza strip, including shoot-to-kill orders for people who set up rockets to kill civilians in Israel. Ensure neutral nations provide logistics, accounting, and judiciary/military police to prevent collusion and/or illicit arms shipments coming in to fuel Gaza militant groups clandestinely.

What are your thoughts?

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