Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The old “think global, act local” paradigm needs to be both local and global thinking and acting. If we just think about what is going on overseas, and we do not act upon it, it is the political equivalent of the mathematician who mentally solved for preparing a month’s worth of meals and starved to death because he left the implementation of the proof to others. We have to think local and act local. Plus, we have to think global and act upon such thoughts. We also need to think in scalable terms. “Local” can be defined as a neighborhood or village. Or a city, a county, or even a state. There are holistic paradigms beyond the nation as well: regions, alliances, continents. Where do we focus ourselves? Locally? Nationally? Internationally? The right answer is a Boolean “AND” statement.

This global crisis is unprecedented. Because we are mutually interdependent as national and regional economies we cannot just solve our issues at home, or foist them off on others abroad.

There are a few events coming up to deal with economic events, both on a local, national, and global basis:

International:Strangely, I did not see much in terms of a California state focused economic summit or forum. Matters are definitely in grave state, yet there seems to be no present opportunity for the public to gather together to work on solutions for the state.

If you have more thoughts on the state of the economy in your area or around the world please share your thoughts. We can also use a “Economic Crisis” volunteer group to work more on collective information gathering, analysis and policy work. Please contact us if you would like to share your experience, knowledge, and ideas, and to become involved.

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