Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Global Understanding Institute Web Site

The Global Understanding Institute Web Site is now up at http://www.globalunderstandinginstitute.org.

It is just off the ground now. A lot of the “boilerplate” content needs to be scraped out. Aside from the California State and US IRS 501(c)(3) filing for incorporation this activity makes the institute feel like a real organization.

Except for one thing: I’m the only one doing all the work so far!

Fortunately, that will soon change. I have the pledge of few friends from Mar Toma Enterprises, makers of Holy Chocolate, to get Drupal installed on Global Understanding Institute site.

A few other friends have also now been called to be on a Board of Advisors (BoA). All so far have said yes. I need to write to them a formal letter of invitation to the BoA, and then create an email list.

I also have my web hosting company looking into why I can’t get TikiWiki or their database installed. (Today I have to check on Ticket # 1-356434171).

If you are an interested and committed citizen of the world who would like to help the Global Understanding Institute in its formative stages, please contact me to volunteer: petercorless@mac.com. I am looking forward to making this a true global movement. I’d be glad to work with someone who has their heart in the work.


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