Monday, August 25, 2008

Immigrant Crisis

Yes, it is true I have not posted much in the past few days. There's a reason for that which I cannot get into. It has to do with an immigration crisis. Indeed, it is a conflation of immigration, healthcare and housing all combined.

Let me just say this: because of this issue, I will commit to making the following issues in the United States the first examples of crisis “weather maps.”

1. Healthcare:
• Suicide & Suicide-Homocide
• Cancer, Cancer Care & Treatment

2. Social Justice:
• Immigration, Undocumented Aliens & Human Trafficking

3. Economic Opportunity:
• Regional Salaries, GDP & Unemployment
• Housing Costs, Rental & Mortgate Rates, Foreclosures
• Homelessness

I want to keep things to about this number of crises to watch. I also need to peer with organizations to begin to get the data to plug into these maps. I just began making calls regarding one of these situations today.

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