Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Welcome from the Founder

Hello! My name is Peter Corless. I am the founder of the yet-to-be-incorporated Global Understanding Institute (GUI). I am presently in the initial organizational stages of establishing this as a new non-profit educational and charitable corporation.


The Global Understanding Institute's mission is to help monitor, analyze, and inform the interested citizens of the world about global crises and conflicts, and present solutions by highlighting possible scenarios and opportunities for crisis and conflict resolution.

The Work

  • Razumijen — The initial project studies the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the birth of new nations in the west Balkans c. 1989-2008. It will result in, to begin with, a board game simulating the breakup of Yugoslavia, where players, as interested citizens of the world, have to cooperate to minimize suffering and violence, while maintaining economic prosperity and seeking the most equitable resolution for all factions involved.
  • Global Model — The long-term goal is to create and maintain an Internet "weather service" for global crises and conflicts, to enable us to watch the "hot spots" and "cold fronts" of the world, and to help us understand what may be needed to reestablish peace, prosperity and stability in a myriad of communities and regions.
If you have any interest, talents, resources or expertise you feel could contribute to the success of this new organization, please contact Peter Corless at 650-906-3134, or email pcorless{at}mac.com.

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